Covid-19 for dummies NY Times best seller

New ‘For Dummies’ COVID Book Series Takes Over NY Times Best-Sellers List

With misinformation running rampant across the US, a new ‘COVID-19 For Dummies’ book series created to spread truth has taken over the New York Times Best-Sellers list just two days after they hit the shelves. Notably, the books are said to be just a small part of the large COVID-19 For Dummies series – the rest of which will be in stores by the end of 2020. Titles of the already released books include:

Should I Listen to Experts Or This Guy On Facebook? For Dummies

No, That’s Also Not A COVID-19 Cure For Dummies

Why You Should Wear A Mask For Dummies: The Extra-Slow Explanation Edition

How to Tell Your Kids Their Teacher Died For Dummies: COVID-19 Edition

COVID, Racism & Other Things That Won’t Just Magically Disappear For Dummies

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