Canadian Trucker Protest Enters 9th Day Of Hurling Insults Followed By Immediate, Heartfelt Apologies

Widely regarded as one of the most passive-aggressive protests in history, Truckers against vaccine mandates in Ottowa, Canada have entered their ninth day of hurling insults and then immediately issuing heartfelt apologies.

“I’m sorry, but we’re quite livid. This is – in my personal opinion – is fricking ridiculous.” One even-tempered trucker said before quickly adding “Sorry for my language. So Sorry.”

“If you’re not peeved, you’re not paying enough attention, friend,” another trucker stated while speaking at a reasonable level. “Ope! There I go again gettin’ all worked up.”

Meanwhile, Prime Minster Justin Trudeau gave a public statement to reporters saying that the vast majority of Canadian citizens are not represented by the protestors.

“I’m quite miffed, eh?” Trudeau stated. “A small, vocal, angry – yet polite – minority of Canadians are lashing out at science, at government, at society, at mandates and at public health.”

“Again, so sorry!” Trudeau stated as he concluded the press conference. “Sorry to bother you!”

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