Obsessed: Trump enters bathrooms and repeatedly flushes toilets, even when he doesn't have to go


Yesterday, a ranting president Trump claimed on live TV that Americans are flushing their toilets “10 times, 15 times, as opposed to once,” adding that he’s having the EPA “look into it.” Today, the president’s senior advisor – and blackbelt white supremacist – Stephen Miller revealed that Trump has a strange “toilet flushing obsession” on Sean Hannity’s aptly named radio program: The Sean Hannity Show. “Mr. Trump has this thing he does. It’s odd,” Miller stated. “The president runs into any bathroom that he is walking past unless you grab him; men’s or women’s. If he gets inside, he’ll lock himself in there and just flush and flush and flush. At this point, all of the president’s Secret Service agents are expert locksmiths.” Miller estimates that the president spends “at least four hours a day in the bathroom.” Advertisements


North Korea threatens to launch insults capable of destroying Trump's ego


North Korea has been hit with the toughest US sanctions yet after Kim Jong-un revealed he has an arsenal of insults from an 1811 English dictionary ready to launch at president Trump at a moment’s notice. “We’ve got flapdoodle, gibfaced hedge-creeper, and a jollocksed mutton shunter all locked and loaded,” Jong-un confirmed. “That pigeon-livered, rat-brained hornswoggler has no idea what’s coming!”

Nearly Nude: Trump drops his pants while celebrating National Cocaine Day


It’s the most productive day of the year: National Cocaine Day! Celebrated the first Wednesday of December, the US Labor Department says the holiday typically produces six times the normal work output. To mark the day, a fast-talking, wide-eyed president Trump delivered an energetic, rambling speech before inviting Mike Pence to snort a line of coke out of his ass crack on national television. “I’m going to drop ’em Mike!” Trump yelled while tugging down on his pants.” Before a bright red and sweaty Pence could reluctantly decline the offer, Trump had already yanked his pants off on the White House’s West Lawn; exposing his lightly soiled, off-white underwear.

Unprecedented: Coalition of world leaders sign petition supporting Trump's impeachment


Leaders from Germany, France, Mexico, Canada, Italy, China, Norway, Denmark, the President of the Ukraine, and twelve other countries have released a signed petition publicly supporting Donald Trump’s impeachment. The document – which was drawn up by Canada in order to remain as civil as possible – doesn’t cite specific transgressions by Trump, but simply reads: “The world is embarrassed for the United States. For the love of God, the world, and your country – impeach this miserable cunt.” In response, a furious President Trump tweeted out: As of press time, Democrats had already added the tweet to their list of condemning evidence for impeachment. Meanwhile, Republican leaders focused solely on the letter’s “inappropriate” use of the “c-word,” because they too are miserable cunts.

Donald Trump asks: 'Why don't we have a White Friday!?'

The tweet was accompanied by the hashtags #WhiteLivesMatter and #MAGA.

Trump: “The radical left is taking Jesus out of the Thanksgiving Turkey preparation process”


President Trump went on a 20-minute rant at a rally in Pittsburgh, PA last night in which he described how the radical left is taking Jesus out of the Thanksgiving turkey preparation process. “They want to stop us, the lefty loons, ” Trump stated. “But we still cook our turkeys in the oven for 3 days and 3 nights just like Jesus was baked in that giant brick oven before being served to the disciples for the Last Supper. Well – baked or broiled – that’s up for debate if you ask the Pilgrim Scholars.” The president then poured hot gravy and cranberry sauce over his head and shouted “the blood of Christ be with you!” To which his supporters replied, “And also with you!” As of press time the president was at Walter Reed Hospital where they are conducting a study to figure out how he became such a stable genius.

Trump: ‘It’s cute that Rick Perry thinks there’s a God. If anything, I’m God!’


When asked by reporters today how he felt about Rick Perry calling him God’s “Chosen One,” president Trump faced cameras at the White House and stated “It’s cute. I think it’s really cute that Rick still thinks there’s a God. If anything, I am God!” The president’s statement caused immediate outrage among religious people of all political leanings, prompting Trump to later tweet out a clarification. The tweet has been deemed offensive by many, but good enough to serve as both an excuse and an apology for today’s Republicans.

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