Trump Says Mar-a-Lago Being Lit Up As The Russian Flag Last Night Was An ‘Accident’

People within view of Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort last night are saying that they saw the former president’s property light up in Russian flag colors for about 15 minutes. When reached for comment, Trump said it was all an honest mistake.

“We were trying to do the whole Ukraine flag thing, but someone accidentally turned on the red lights instead of the yellow. Okay?” Trump stated. “Nothing to get your panties twisted about. It’s not like we’re preparing for something huge.”

Witnesses say that the Ukraine’s correct colors were never displayed at any point last night, leading many to believe that workers at Mar-a-Lago likely didn’t even have any yellow lights on hand.

“The lights were also not in the right order to be our nation’s red, white and blue,” one source stated. “So there’s really no excuse for what we saw here last night. This was deliberate.”

As of press time there were several reports of a red flag with a hammer and sickle being briefly raised on the former president’s property along with a white flag of surrender.

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