Trump: ‘I Would Never Attack A Single Disgusting, Dishonest, Low-Rated, Enemy Of The People, Fake News Journalist!’

Upon hearing that Joe Biden called Fox News journalist Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a bitch,” former president Donald Trump gave a public statement rebuking Biden.

“We’ve got sleepy, creepy Joe being so rude, so unfair, so unpresidential,” Trump stated. “I mean, who in their right mind would ever criticize the first amendment? The freedom of the press? The 4th estate?”

Trump continued.

“I would never attack a single disgusting, dishonest, low-rated, enemy of the people, fake news journalist!”

The former president then refused to take questions.

“I’m not going to answer you because none of you are real reporters!” Trump yelled as he left the room. “Absolutely terrible. Embarrassing really. Some of the dumbest, kooky, liberal clowns I’ve ever met.”


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