Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest Ban All Content From Trump’s Truth Social On Their Platforms

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal told reporters this morning that all content from Donald Trump’s new social media platform Truth Social will be banned from being shared on Twitter. Within hours both Facebook and YouTube were following suit.

“Truth Social is just another sad attempt by Mr. Trump to get his lies out there and it’s just easier for us to shut that down from the beginning,” Agrawal confirmed. “We banned him for a reason, so we’re not letting that piece of shit back on here in any way, shape or form.”

Specifically, Agrawal says that Twitter will not allow direct shares or screenshots from Trump’s new social media platform.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg also gave a brief statement.

“My opinion is: If you’re leaving Facebook for Truth Social, then please, by all means, do get the fuck out. But don’t bring that nonsense back here,” Zuckerberg stated. “I’m tired of wasting money trying to filter out dangerous misinformation and monitoring potential domestic terrorists. We won’t allow it anymore.”

YouTube also released a statement.

“We’ll let you put a lot of things on our platform, but what we won’t let you do is spread misleading content from the very person who tried to overthrow an election and the US government. We’re not going to be held responsible for endorsing the next insurrection. We’ll let Trump keep that garbage within his new echo chamber.”

When reached for comment, representatives from Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat and Pinterest all said that they were in the process of deciding how they’d stop content from Truth Social from spilling onto their platforms should Trump ever get the new app to actually work.

As of press time Donald Trump had already gone on Fox News and shared his thoughts with several conservative media outlets on the matter.

“They say we have free speech in this country, but look at what they’re doing to me! I’m being completely silenced!” Trump complained to Fox News, OAN, The Blaze, PJ Media, Breitbart and several other sources. “I’m even being silenced on my own platform because it doesn’t even fucking work!”

Truth Social CEO Devin Nunes also went on Fox News.

“The success of Truth Social was directly linked to our ability to go viral on other, more successful platforms without any fact checking,” a flustered Nunes stated. “We might be dead in the water.”

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One thought on “Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat & Pinterest Ban All Content From Trump’s Truth Social On Their Platforms

  1. Seems the Satan-worshipping Democrat pedophiles have successfully sabotaged The Beloved Leader’s Truth Social, and thereby disallowed multitudes of good Christian warriors from setting up their profiles, according to Devin Nunes, the fledgling social media platform’s head Caucasian in charge. Upon Nunes having his $6 billion libel suit against the Bakersfield Bee for calling him a doofus knee-slap laughed out of court, he was queried by someone in the reporters gaggle if he believed the reason for the much ballyhooed conservative social media platform’s flash in the pan might’ve possibly been due to the teeming throngs of Pabst Blue Ribbon swilling Trump trailer park inhabitants lack of computer skills and/or handheld device savvy, which seemed to cause him considerable taken aback consternation and was apparently something he took bristling exception to— considering he is their ringleader and all—in that the question compelled him to stop dead in his tracks halfway down the courthouse steps and in a huff forcefully reassert his contention that the platform’s FUBAR SNAFU was the result of attempts made by the dreaded Biden crime family syndicate, in cahoots with dark demonic powers to prohibit MAGA patriots from having access to anything other than lame-stream media fake news, in furtherance of turning America into a godless, secular, socialist state . . . PERIOD!
    Several weeks after its failure to launch, the self-asserted so-chosen one, god’s right-hand man amongst boys, has still only shared one “truth” on the platform which was intended to be a triumphant return to governance via social media after being banned from all mainstream apps over frets that good old run amok Proud Boys would lynch good old woebegone Mike Pence, should the great leader be allowed to further incite the rabble-rouser insurrectionists led by a shirtless buffalo horned dude. Truth Social is currently the 173rd most popular app in Apple’s online store and daily usage has declined 95 percent since its February launch.

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