Trump Calls Himself A ‘Sapiosexual’ While Praising Putin As A ‘Crafty & Brilliant Thinker’

Former president Donald Trump gave praise to Vladimir Putin today for the methods he’s using to invade Ukraine while he was on Laura Ingraham’s show. Trump went so far as to call the Russian president a “crafty and brilliant thinker” before strangely adding that he’s a sapiosexual.

“We had a rigged election and now a candidate that shouldn’t be there. A man that has no concept of what he’s doing. A very dumb and therefore unattractive man,” Trump said of President Joe Biden. “And he’s up against this macho genius in Putin. Such a smart, savvy son of a gun! He’d make any sapiosexual excited! And I’d know, I am one!”

Laura Ingraham then asked Trump to clarify what he meant.

“Let’s just say I put the plus in LGBTQ+. Okay?” Trump laughed. “I’ll leave it at that. Got it? Alright. We’ll cut this part out, yeah? Do an edit?”

Laura Ingraham then reminded Trump that they were in fact live on the air.

“I know! I was kidding! It’s a joke Laura! Calm down everyone. Alright? Calm down,” a red-faced Trump stated. “We can still joke can’t we?”

Notably this isn’t the first time that Trump made random comments about his own sexuality. In one instance he told a crowd in Wisconsin that he was bisexual.

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