Volvo Unveils Car Designed 'Exclusively for Women'

Volvo Unveils Controversial Car Designed ‘Exclusively for Women’

Swedish automaker, Volvo, has announced that it will have a U.S. release of the world’s first fleet of vehicles made for women. The line of cars, which will be sold under the name “Vulva,” will only be made available to females in the United States.

A press release from Volvo states that “physically, the cars will be exactly the same as current models; however the price will be 79 cents on the dollar.” The company says that this is their “own way of making an effort to chip away at the inexcusable sexism that pervades American society in numerous ways.”

An ongoing, 3-year copyright infringement dispute with a personal vibrator company – which makes ‘toys’ for ‘elderly women’ – prohibits Volvo from putting the word “Vulva” on vehicles. Instead, the company opted to use the iconic symbol for woman.

Volvo Unveils Car Designed 'Exclusively for Women'

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