Frontier-Spirit Merger Cancelled After Airlines Try To Charge Each Other Millions In Hidden Fees

A Frontier and Spirit Airline merger fell through just hours after being announced this morning when both companies realized that the other had slipped in hundreds of millions of dollars in hidden ‘merger fees’.

“It was a wonderful idea to join forces when we first thought of it,” Frontier Airlines president Barry Biffle stated. “We had a new name and a slogan all ready to go and then we noticed that Spirit had inserted at least $235 million in hidden fees into the deal. Maybe ‘Fear-It Airlines’ just wasn’t meant to be.”

There are mixed feelings from the general public about the cancelled merger, with some people pointing out that they would have only had to filter out one company when searching for plane tickets online – had the deal not fallen through.

As of press time, the giant, spiraling hole that opened up in the sky right after Spirit and Frontier first announced their merger was starting to close.

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