Boeing Issues Massive Recall On All 747 Jumbo Jets After Finding Omitted, 748th Part In Abandoned Warehouse

Airplane manufacturing giant Boeing stunned travelers and the entire airline industry today when they announced a massive recall on all of their 747 Jumbo Jets. The move comes just weeks after employees came across an abandoned warehouse full of – what was found to be – a forgotten 748th part.

When reached for comment outside his home, Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun spit his coffee into reporters’ faces from shock before shouting “Wait! People were using those!?”

An hour later Boeing sent a spokesperson to speak with the media.

“We’ve built 1,572 of these aircrafts since 1969 and every single one of them was missing a single feature that would have minimized odors and calmed crying babies the whole time,” the company representative confirmed. “Full disclosure, it was supposed to be called a 748, but after we couldn’t find the missing part, we didn’t want someone to count the pieces and realize the planes were incomplete.

Boeing announced that it will no longer be manufacturing the 747 after over 50 years of production that technically never resulted in a single completed airplane.

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