Trump Eats 17 McDonald’s Apple Pies for Pi Day

President Trump celebrated Pi Day by eating 17 warm, delicious apple pies from one of his favorite restaurants – McDonald’s.

“The President started his day with a Steak, Egg & Cheese Biscuit meal and then decided to join in on the Pi Day festivities,” Sarah Huckabee Sanders stated. “The initial plan was to have him eat 3.14 apple pies, but it soon became apparent that this would be impossible.”

Indeed, while finishing up the last little bit representing the .14 portion of pie, Trump was informed by Mike Pence that “technically the numerical representation for Pi goes on forever.”

“Logically, this opened the food flood gates in the President’s mind; allowing Mr. Trump to rationalize ingesting 13.86 more pies before vomiting all over himself and his desk,” Sanders stated. “Which was yet another smart move by our leader as consuming over 5,000 calories and 250% of your daily carbs in one meal is just a touch over his doctor’s recommendation while he endures a delicate dance with Type II diabetes.”

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