Phillies Add Giant Cock to Phanatic to Avoid Copyright Infringement


After the artists who created the Philadelphia Phanatic mascot asked to be compensated for their work, the Philadelphia Phillies went ahead and modified the character to avoid making a payout. The team says that other than adding a two-foot cock, their mascot will still be the same antic-filled, animated goofball he’s always been. Advertisements


Astros return pile of signs they stole last season


The Houston Astros returned over 750 signs today that the team stole from various cities they played in during 2019.

MLB releases hundreds of players from prison after league-wide decision to stop incarcerations for positive THC tests


Major League Baseball released 257 players from prison who were serving time for positive THC tests. The move comes after the league and player’s union decided jointly that they would no longer test players for the substance. What do you think?

MLB is considering adding landmines to the field to make games remotely interesting


Major League Baseball Commissioner Rob Manfred announced today that the league may begin burying explosive devices around the field to increase viewership next year. “Baseball is a relatively sedentary sport comprised of hours of groin itching, spitting and – on average – 2.75 exciting plays per game,” Manfred stated. “By burying 10 or so active landmines throughout the field we should certainly pique the fans’ interest.”

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