Trump is Selling ‘Urine-Scented’ Perfume


‘MAGA’ is a unisex perfume boasting liquefied $100 bills as a key ingredient.

Working Americans Cherish Flu Season


“I absolutely loathe flu season,” stated Comcast CEO Brian L. Roberts.

Pope Says Nepal Earthquake is an ‘Act of God’ and Calls for Change

“I know that normally previous Popes and religious leaders would ask you to pray for those in Nepal,” stated Pope Francis. “In lieu of this, I’m asking for people to

Gay, Atheist-Owned Bakery Indifferent About What Cakes They Make

…A move which undoubtedly does not allow Christians to express their personally-held convictions that they are entitled to under an Amendment.

Talk show radio host Rush Limbaugh, upon hearing about the gay, atheist-owned bakery in Bloomington from a caller decided to reveal just how unfair the “Godless, liberals in this country have become.” He issued this challenge to his listeners in the Greater Bloomington area…

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