The NRA Spent Hundreds of Millions of Dollars on Viagra for Executives

“Because you can’t fire a gun in the bedroom, it can be very difficult for our members to achieve an erection without penis pills.”

41% of American Adults Are Hiding Gold Bullion From Their Partner

“It’s nice to know that my wife has a backup plan in case our marriage fails because it means we still have something in common.”

Freeloaders Donate Record Amount to Crazy Socialist Bernie Sanders


“Crazy Bernie wants people working 40+ hours a week to be able to pay bills, not rely on our perfectly good government programs that the middle class funds. That’s crazy Bernie for ya. So Un-American folks!” – Trump

Tomorrow is National Insurance Fraud Day!


“If enough of us do it, they can’t catch us all.”

US Health & Human Services Encourages Bulimia Over Anorexia


“If you are going to pick one, pick bulimia. That’s all we’re saying here.”

Trump is Selling ‘Urine-Scented’ Perfume


‘MAGA’ is a unisex perfume boasting liquefied $100 bills as a key ingredient.

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