'NSA cakes from top to bottom.'

Gay, Atheist-Owned Bakery Indifferent About What Cakes They Make

'NSA cakes from top to bottom.'

A Bloomington, Indiana-based bakery called Beefcakes has recently reported a huge influx of business since the uproar that was caused by the passage of the state’s Religious Freedom Law. In an effort to try to show the double standards that are implemented upon Christians in America, many God-fearing, religious folk have tried to show the clear hypocrisy.

Within a day of the liberally-biased media uproar condemning the Religious Freedom Law, the state backtracked in order to state that the LGBT community could not be discriminated against because of the law. A move which undoubtedly does not allow Christians to express their personally-held convictions that they are entitled to under an Amendment.

Radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, upon hearing about the gay, atheist-owned bakery in Bloomington from a caller decided to prove just how unfair the “Godless, liberals in this country have become.” He issued this challenge to his listeners in the Greater Bloomington area:
Rush Limbaugh Helps Gays
“My fellow Bloomingtonians. It was brought to my attention that there is a bakery in your city that is run by homosexual heathens. It is your duty as true Americans to show the blatant hypocrisy that has been thinly veiled by the mainstream liberal media. Go to, or call, Beefcakes bakery and order up cakes that we all know these fairies would not want to make. This is your obligation to save America. Let’s call them out!”

Within half an hour of Limbaugh’s decree, Beefcakes’ owners Ryan Gilmore and Shawn Adamczak claim that they were inundated with calls and walk-in customers.

“It was exciting,” said Adamczak. “We had already been doing well as a business, but all of a sudden it was like we had an all-new, interested clientele.”

Indeed, Gilmore reported they they went from having an average of 10 orders per day, to well over 150.

“These weren’t our typical customers,” stated Gilmore, “but we don’t discriminate against people who are different from us. Live and let live is what we always say.”

Gilmore and Adamczak described the many different cake orders that they were receiving as being “against their personal beliefs,” but they decided that they would not turn down orders because it was helping their business immensely.

“I think my favorite one to make had the words ‘FAGS BURN IN HELL!” written on it in all caps,” chuckled Adamczak. “My favorite colors are red and orange, I love using the frosting gun, and I don’t believe in hell – so I was smiling and having a pretty great time making that First Communion cake,” laughed Adamczak.

Gilmore said that another plus was that he was able to hire a few other homosexuals to help fill the order influx.

“I have a lot of acquaintances who claim to be models, but we all know that they actually use ModelMayhem.com and live with their parents or couch surf. This was an opportunity that they jumped at to make money and get apartments of their own,” stated Gilmore. “Overall, I think this was a great thing that Rush Limbaugh did and Shawn and I thank him!”

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  1. Hahaha 🙂 That awkward moment when your hate and bigotry is not reciprocated

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