NRA Billboards Encourage Mass Shooters to Become Event Planners Instead

The National Rifle Association has begun putting up billboards across the United States that encourage potential mass shooters to become event planners instead.

“We’re trying to show Americans that we are being proactive about gun violence in this great country,” NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre stated. “Rather than encourage cumbersome background and mental health checks that could help prevent these events, why not push these people in another direction?”

Citing the “careful planning and execution that many mass shooters are capable of,” the NRA believes that these individuals could make stellar event planners with just a little bit of encouragement.

“Better still, these unstable individuals will still be able to purchase and keep their own guns as God and our founding fathers intended,” LaPierre concluded. “It’s a win, win.”

The NRA has opted to use “balloon art guns” and the hashtag #LiterallyDead as part of their marketing. Here are some of the new NRA billboards that have been submitted to us:

NRA Billboard located in Culver City, CA.
NRA billboard located in New Berlin, WI.
NRA billboard located in Austin, TX.

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3 thoughts on “NRA Billboards Encourage Mass Shooters to Become Event Planners Instead

  1. People are missing the fact that gun control was in place at the borderline. A guard at the door and no firearms allowed in the bar. If you draw parallels on a broader scale, police guarding the door and, if some people had their way, no guns. What then is your recourse when crazys, kooks, crimanals or terrorists don’t observe gun control? Instead, why dont we look into crazy control?

    1. One thing we can agree on is background and mental health checks. Around 90% of Americans are for those. Unfortunately the NRA pays Republican lawmakers healthy sums. $ > human lives.

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