Trump Says He Wonders What Babies Taste Like at Wisconsin Rally

Speaking at a rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, President Trump claimed that Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers is in favor of post-birth abortions. Soon thereafter, Trump went on a rant in which he talked about how delicious babies look.

“So Evers is going to let mother’s kill their 9-month-old babies,” Trump stated. “It’s disgusting and a waste folks. So sad. They don’t even eat the baby meat and I bet it tastes just like veal.”

The president then described to the crowd how he would want his baby meat prepared.

“If I’m eating it, I’d go the healthier route,” Trump stated. “The baby is baked, but first they season it with whatever McDonalds puts on their fries; they have to marinate the baby in that. Finally, wrap the baby beautifully in a flour tortilla and toss it in the oven,” Trump stated while wiping saliva from his chin. “If you do all of that, then maybe I take a little bite. A nibble. I don’t know. I don’t know.”

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