Oblivious Mike Pence Wears Furry Tail to CPAC

In an embarrassing oversight, Vice President Mike Pence forgot to remove what appeared to be a white wolf tail before walking on stage at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) with his wife Karen.

Mike and Karen Pence were greeted with scattered claps which faintly echoed throughout a room filled thousands of bewildered faces at the Gaylord Convention Center.
Karen Pence forces a smile after first noticing that her husband is wearing a white wolf tail. From some angles the furry-sex accessory appeared to be inserted in Pence’s rectum.
An attempt to clue the Vice President in using his teleprompter backfired; resulting in Pence aggressively shouting “There’s a tail sticking out of your ass” in the middle of an impassioned speech on moral decay in America.

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Photo Credits: Michael Vadon, Gage Skidmore,

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