Can’t Spell? No Problem: Dating App Users Are Attracted to Partners Who Can’t Spell

A recent study by Giddy-Up Poll showed that, on the hole, most dating applicator users were attracted to ppl who used a ton of abbrevz. and sent messages full of elementary school-levle type-O’s.

Fur deetz on the findings, read on:

The Gallop Horse sturdy revealed that when getting to kno someone, it’s best to have errybuddy let their garder down and just have a gr8, thoughfull time. The sturdy, which interviewed well over, like a billion people, and is considerate to be totes awes., had some staggering numbers to reed:

Key Findings

– More than 8.8 in 10 dating app users appreesh misspelled words because it made their potential mate seem like a hawwt commodity who was abbrevzing to, like errybdy.

– 9 out of 7 people who R interviewed though misspelling to be a sign the other person was a werking proffesh who was tryin ta save time because they waz buisy mekkin the $$$ to spend on them latter.

Finley, a rare 8 per cent of ppl were turned off by typose and siad that they woodn’t date N.E 1 who couldn’t take the tiem to spell properly and with propose. They felt that this showed a lack off interest or remote carrying to ever half a serious relatshionship.

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