After 16 years everyone can shut the fuck up about pumpkin spice, scientists say


Since Starbucks released its Pumpkin Spice latte back in 2003 Americans have recycled the same tired jokes about basic bitch valley girls, UGG boots, North Face vests and sucking down concentrated type-2 diabetes. Scientists now say that after 16 years the pumpkin spice problem can only be killed one way: Everyone needs to shut the fuck up about it. “It’s apparent that the pumpkin spice addicts have no taste or shame,” head researcher Veronica Dayton stated. “However, they do crave attention. So it’s really time that we all just shut the fuck up, ignore their Instagram posts, and wait until they die from attention starvation.” Advertisements


Victoria’s Secret: Cube-Shaped Bras and Breasts Are ‘Trend of The Future’

“Sqoobz aren’t comfortable to wear by any means. Your tits will be flopping around in there.” – Victoria’s Secret CEO Jan Singer

Prego Under Fire for New Afterbirth-Style Pasta Sauce

Campbell’s reports selling over 1.2 tons of Prego Afterbirth-Style pasta sauce in the first week.

Chef Starts Cannibalism Diet Trend Across United States


Garten has been raising her own humans for consumption in a coop next to her garden.

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