Prego new afterbirth style pasta sauce

Prego Under Fire for New Afterbirth-Style Pasta Sauce

Campbell Soup Company’s Prego line of pasta sauce has stirred up controversy with the addition of the new Prego Afterbirth-Style sauce.

Made with real chunks of placenta and smothered in “natural sauces,” Campbells says their target demographic is those who practice placentophagy; or the act of eating the placenta of their young.

“The placenta is enjoying a revival in Western cultures as it has been associated with elevated mood, increased energy, and aggressive lactation,” a press release from Campbells stated. “People are eating them raw, making lasagna, chili and more. With Prego Afterbirth-Style, you no longer need to have another kid to enjoy authentic Italian-sourced afterbirth.”

Although the medical community insists that cannibalism offers no health benefits, there were many people curious enough to try eating human flesh as Campbell’s reports selling over 1.2 tons of Prego Afterbirth-Style pasta sauce in the first week.

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