Millennials Celebrate National Avocado Day by Sucking On Pits & Skins From Dumpsters


Notably, avocado pits are the perfect choking hazard for anyone that’s tired of living with their parents.


The New Apple Pro Display XDR Comes in 127 Parts, Each Sold Separately


“In one of the 127 boxes customers will find a serial number,” Cook stated. “That is the number they will enter online; unlocking the ability to purchase the instruction manual for putting the device together.”

Samsung Announces its Cheaper, Single-Use Galaxy 1-Fold


“This bendable phone comes with all of the same features as the Galaxy Fold, but the device can only be folded in half one time,” Samsung CEO Kim Suk stated.

Desperate, Unpaid Government Employees Shift to Sex Work, Drug Trafficking


“Handies start at $18 and prices go up from there.”

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