The New Apple Pro Display XDR Comes in 127 Parts, Each Sold Separately

Apple has announced that its newest monitor, the Pro Display XDR, will come in 127 parts that are all sold separately. Apple CEO Tim Cook says the reason for the unique sales approach is to make replacing broken monitor parts easier for customers.

“Those looking to purchase a Pro Display XDR will be happy to know that they can buy it online on by simply adding each part to their shopping cart,” Cook stated. “All of the packages will then ship with guaranteed deliveries between one and seven weeks.”

Cook also revealed that the assembly instructions will be sold separately.

“In one of the 127 boxes customers will find a serial number,” Cook stated. “That is the number they will enter online; unlocking the ability to purchase the instruction manual for putting the display and stand together.”

The sticker price on the new Pro Display XDR is a whopping $5,250. The instruction manual add-on has a price tag of $199, and the option for in-home assembly by Apple Geniuses will run you an additional $499.

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