Louisiana Governor Proposes 24-Hour Paid Maternity Leave

Louisiana Governor Asa Hutchinson has proposed a law that would give new mothers 24 hours of maternity leave with 8 hours of pay.

“I’m proud to say that Louisiana is considering becoming the fifth state to offer the paid maternity leave that women won’t stop bitching about,” Hutchinson said. “Now, I’m told that the average birth lasts 6 to 12 hours and we’re giving new mothers 24 hours off, 8 of which will be paid. That leaves plenty of time for doing Kegels.”

“Some of my best friends are women.” – Louisiana Governor Asa Hutchinson

The National Center for Men has already voiced their disapproval and stated their intent to sue the state for preferential treatment and sex discrimination should the law pass.

“This is just another direct attack on men and a free handout for women,” founder of The National Center for Men Mel Feit stated. “I mean, do the women want to abort the babies or actually take care of them? You can’t have it both ways.”

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