Entire 'Beach Club' Episode is Lindsay Lohan Getting Smacked in the Face

Entire ‘Beach Club’ Episode is Lindsay Lohan Getting Smacked in the Face

In the latest episode of Linsay Lohan’s Beach Club several cast members refused to look Lohan in the eyes while the show’s star was yelling at them. Then things got weird. 

“Lindsay made us pick up whatever cooking equipment we could find and stand in a line,” Billy Estevez said. “I pulled the stainless steel fry basket out of the hot oil. I think I’ll regret that forever.”

Lohan then shouted at the cast “When your boss is talking, you don’t stare at the floor, OK? Now you’ll have to look at me because you need to hit me in the face as hard as you can! Do it or you’re off the show!”

linsay lohan hit in the face beach club
“Lindsay said I didn’t hit her hard enough with this huge, cast iron skillet,” Gabi Andrews said. “I was the fifth person in that line and after three tries she said I was a ‘dumb slut’ and moved on to Jules. It was very frightening, yet immensely satisfying.” – Gabi Andrews [Instagram photo]

“Yeah, then she just stepped in front of us and, one-by-one, she made us clock her right in the goddamned face,” Estevez said. “I have never seen that much blood.”

In real time Lohan’s odd, violent outburst lasted over 40 minutes, during which the actress and singer took 12 vicious blows to the face, neck and head.

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