Angry Philadelphia Drivers Honk as Obama Delivers Speech in Middle of I-76


Desperately seeking to grab the nation’s attention, former President Barack Obama set up a stage and a podium in the middle of Philadelphia’s I-76 and delivered an impassioned speech denouncing Donald Trump this afternoon. Despite repeated and raucous honking, Obama persisted and delivered a 40-minute speech as traffic backed up for more than 17 miles. Org. photo credit Gabbec

Lawsuit Filed Against Obama Accuses Former President of Living Rent-Free in Trump’s Head


The White House filed a lawsuit today against Barack Obama which alleges that the former president has been living rent-free in Donald Trump’s head since November of 2008. Evidence admitted with the lawsuit to support the legal claim include a damning collection of hundreds of tweets written by Trump himself, along with hours of video footage which shows the current president blaming Obama for things that either never happened or are clearly not his fault. A statement from the White House also claims the former president owes Trump a sizable amount of money for the “considerable amount of mental wear and tear that he’s left behind.” “Make no mistake, Mr. Obama been living in there for well over a decade and it shows,” the statement read. “It’s time he paid his due.”

Obama: “I Don’t Know Why Donald Paid All of These Women – I Had Mine Killed.”


Obama suggests Trump could have avoided many scandals with one trick.

Obama Shows Kenyan Birth Certificate After Leaving D.C. Mosque


Obama was confronted while leaving a mosque.

Trump Blasts Green Energy, Obama for ‘Unseasonably Dark Day’


“When you get a maniac like Obama. Okay. And he is, he really is. Then you end up with days like today,” Trump stated while pointing toward the only side of the room without any windows.

Obama Begins Nationwide Confiscation of Guns

The former President reported that it was “very easy” to find most of the guns.

Iran Talks: Obama to Allow One Nuclear Weapon Per Year

In an almost immediate response to Obama’s speech, a livid John Boehner was broadcast live on Fox News – interrupting portions of Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File” and…

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