Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Gave His MVP Trophy to a Nearby Native American Tribe


“If this will lift the curse from constructing Arrowhead Stadium on an Indian burial ground, then we’re willing to let it slide.” – Chiefs CEO Clark Hunt


Fans in Section 129 at NFL Game Engage in Reasonable Discourse Regarding Colin Kaepernick


Citing differing opinions regarding Freedom of Speech as found in the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, fans in section 129 of the Carolina Panthers vs. San Francisco 49ers game spent the 12-minute halftime respectfully debating the merits of free speech in relation to patriotism.

Jay Cutler Agrees to Ruin Dolphins’ 2017 Season for $10 Million


With Tannehill likely out for the year, an opening was created for Culter to come in and really disappoint Miami fans…

Star Quarterback Russell Wilson Announces “Hiatus From the Field”

“I will be abstaining from the locker room, and football i guess, for awhile because God spoke to me and told me that I should stop doing what I’m doing,” said Wilson. ” I told God right then and there that I would..

Tim Tebow Changes Mind – Philadelphia Eagles to Pay Him in Prayer


In a new, bizarre revelation the deal that the Philadelphia Eagles made with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been adjusted once more at Tebow’s request. What was initially a $0 guarantee if he were cut from the team has now turned into one big ZERO – no matter what.