Tim Tebow Has Asked Philadelphia Eagles to be Paid in Prayer

Tim Tebow Changes Mind – Philadelphia Eagles to Pay Him in Prayer

In a new, bizarre revelation the deal that the Philadelphia Eagles made with former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow has been adjusted once more at Tebow’s request. What was initially a no-money guarantee if he were cut from the team has now turned into one big ZERO – no matter what.

According to head coach Chip Kelly, the call was a unilateral request by Tebow alone.

“Within an hour of making the deal final, Tim called me on my cell to tell me that he had changed his mind,” stated Kelly. “At first I thought that he was going to ask for more money, but he actually went in a very different direction.”

Indeed, Tebow has requested that he not be paid whatsoever. In a phone call with the former college star, Tebow explained himself.

“I was very put-off by the number that was offered to me at first,” he said, referencing the amount of $660,000. “It was too close to having a ‘666’ in it, which is the devil’s number. So it hit me that it was actually a sign from God telling me to not take the money.”

Tebow said that he prayed for nearly a half an hour before he had a revelation.

“I realized that God wanted me to be paid in prayer,” laughed Tebow. “It was right there in front of me all the time.” Tebow went on to say, “I grabbed my mom and went to the couch and I said, ‘Mom I want to ask Jesus to come into me.’ And I got on my knees like I do in the locker room showers when I pray and I asked Jesus to come into me, then forgive me of my sins, and make me a child of God.”

Coach Kelly stated that, “Although I don’t know what ‘paid in prayer’ means – this certainly adds a bit to our salary cap.”

The new deal would keep Tebow on the team, even if he is cut – as he would then become the full-time Team Chaplain for the Philadelphia Eagle’s organization for 3 years.

Tim Tebow Has Asked Philadelphia Eagles to be Paid in Prayer         

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