Nationwide Removal of All Confederate Statues Begins as Participation Trophies are Sent to Grieving Southerners

After accidentally signing a Democrat-sponsored bill to remove all Confederate statues from the country, president Trump is trying to rectify the situation by sending Civil War participation trophies to his seething supporters.

“It’s a real shame that the Democrats did this to you – to blatantly disrespect soldiers who waged a war against our own country is un-American,” Trump said. “So if your son or daughter, or your cousin or nephew, fought in the Civil War know that they are not forgotten. Truly their spirit lives on today in those who love and support me!”

Per the new law, the removed statues will be displayed in the soon-to-be built Museum of American Racism.

President Trump tweeted this example of what the Confederate sympathizers’ trophies will look like.

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