President Trump Has Invited Nick Sandmann to Stand Six Inches From His Face at the State of The Union Address

In a gesture of support, President Trump tweeted out today that he sent an invitation to Covington Catholic student Nick Sandmann to join him at the State of the Union address, provided that he stand six inches from his face.

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders commented on the invitation.

“The President wants to express his deepest sympathies to Mr. Sandmann and the other students at Covington Catholic by having Nick stand a more-than-reasonable six inches from his face,” Sanders said.

Sanders also emphasized that the State of the Union will go on whether or not the Democrats show up.

“If Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats want to play politics they can. But either way, the invitation stands. Nick will be up there competing for the same oxygen supply as the President for roughly an hour.”

With the State of the Union just six days away, it’s still anyone’s guess if President Trump will approach the podium decked-out in traditional Native American garb, drum in hand.

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