Kanye West Was Selling Damaged Condoms at Coachella for $125

Kanye West is in hot water for selling overpriced condoms at Coachella that authorities say were obviously tampered with. Outspoken Kanye critic and fashion icon Tim Gunn spoke out about the odd merchandise.

Fashion icon Tim Gunn Kanye West Condoms

“The rubber itself has Kanye’s face imprinted on it from top to bottom,” Gunn stated while unrolling one of the condoms in question. “There’s no way that this printing hasn’t completely compromised the integrity of the prophylactic. They will burst.” Gunn stated. “Someone from that festival will be having an unwanted child that babbles bullshit for years; so when that happens, I highly recommend they name it Kanye.”

Concertgoers who purchased the $125 condoms confirmed that they were store-bought Magnum, Trojan and Lifestyle brand condoms that Kanye had opened and then re-sealed with a duct tape or paperclips after stamping his face all over them.

When asked by reporters why he sold the condoms and how he could justify the price, Kanye shouted, “I am Andy Warhol! I am the number one most impactful artist of our generation! I am Shakespeare hugging your dick! Walt Disney, Nike, Google, Trojan, Durex, LifeStyles – and very soon, Tampax!”

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Tim Gunn photo credit: Beao

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