Guys: Here’s Why You Should Let Her Put Stuff in Your Booty

A recent study by Cambridge University reveals that over 75% of heterosexual women fantasize about rectally inserting objects into their male partners. So, statistically speaking guys, the odds are that she wants to.

For those curious to know, the most popular pornographic search terms in this category among heterosexual women include:

“Boyfriend pegging”

“Husband takes it”

“Submissive man anal stretch”

“Strap-on domination”

Again. There’s about a 3 in 4 chance that your significant other has searched these terms, and often.
Girls want to put stuff in guys butts

Cambridge found that the fetish of male anal insertion is a top 5 inquiry in female Google searches related to pornography.

Notably, previous studies had shown that around 89% of heterosexual males wanted to have, or have had, anal sex involving their female partner being penetrated.

“It’s time for heterosexual males to step up and satisfy the needs of their partners,” Cambridge Head Researcher Judy Swark stated. “It’s not like we’re asking them to carry our purses up there – although that would be ideal and hopefully it leads to that.”

“On a plus side for the men,” Swark added, “the male body’s ‘G-spot’ is the prostate, so it will actually produce a much stronger orgasm. Us women, on the other hand, are just being good lovers.”

Swark predicts that male anal play will become the new norm and a sexual expectation in the near future. So bend over or move over guys because there’s a good chance this is right up her alley.

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