Jeff Bezos Sues Ex-Wife MacKenzie Scott After Her Huge Donations ‘Make Him Look Bad’

Jeff Bezos has filed a lawsuit against his ex-wife and fellow billionaire MacKenzie Scott claiming that her frequent, substantial donations to charities around the world are making him look greedy. Bezos says he will “spare no expense” in his efforts to punish Scott for shining him in such a bad light.

“This is a very clear moral issue. Nobody should be shamed into giving away a tiny fraction of their own money just because they can easily afford to help millions of people,” Bezos stated. “I’m prepared to go broke from the legal fees if that’s what it takes to ensure that MacKenzie’s outrageous donation smear campaign is stopped.”

Notably, in less than a year as a philanthropist, Scott has given away more money than all but five of the United States’ biggest donors have in their entire lifetimes.

“Billionaires are not supposed to donate impactful amounts of money. MacKenzie is just trying to make other rich people look bad.” Bezos stated. “As history shows, all wealthy people have to do is give charities just barely enough funding – every once in awhile – so that the poor continue to think we’re good people. That’s it.”

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