Aaron Rodgers Says $200 Million Deal Only Covers Regular Season: ‘Pay Me More For Playoff Wins’

Aaron Rodgers has become the highest-paid NFL player ever after signing a 4-year, $200 million deal with the Green Bay Packers, but the 38-year-old quarterback is now telling the press that the team will have to pay him more if they want playoff wins.

“As far as I’m concerned – just like I have been every year – what I signed today is a contract for the regular season and the regular season only,” Rodgers stated.

The star quarterback then appeared to threaten his own team’s administration.

“I have absolutely no problem with being the best team and the best player during the regular season and then letting it all go to shit again in the post season,” Rodgers confirmed.

As of press time the Packers had already cut Davante Adams and Allen Lazard in an effort to free up money for Rodgers.

“We don’t know who Aaron is going to pass the ball to, but by God we’re going to do everything it takes to keep him on our team,” CEO Mark Murphy stated.

Photo credit All-Pro Reels

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