Strange Foods Only Found in These States

Alabama – In the state that consumes more mayonnaise per capita than any other, It comes as no surprise that Alabamans have found a way to make 3lb burger patties that are made of only pasteurized mayo. 4,755 calories, and known to make the left side of your body go numb, mayonnaise patties are a staple in the Yellowhammer State.


Alabama Mayo Burger drink pattie 3lb
Interestingly, chilled ‘Mayo Malts’ are a common, go-to drink during hot Alabama summers.

Wisconsin – You think you’ve heard it all, but how about Cheese Fried Cheese soaked in an exclusive New Glarus Beer. These heart-attacks from Wisconsin have a raw veal center (which is baby calf). The 18 to 20 week-old calves are cut apart while alive to maintain tenderness. You know you’ve found an authentic one when the blood streams down your chin.

Strange Foods Only Found in These States 2
Beer-soaked and Double Fried Cheese Veal is served within 5 minutes of the slaughter. It is not uncommon for the delectable treat to ‘twitch’ on the plate.

Idaho – French fries.

Strange Foods Only Found in These States 3

California – California Condor wings. Incredibly rare and illegal to eat, condor wings are only found in underground Hollywood poker rings.  The wings are the only part consumed, as the rest of the bird – which can weigh up to 31lbs – is typically buried in the Hollywood Forever Cemetery under the cloak of darkness. With approximately 400 of these majestic birds left in the world, count yourself lucky if you ever get the chance to eat one.

California Condor Wings Food
The taste of California Condor wings are often described as being exactly the same as what you’d find at any Buffalo Wild Wings or chain restaurant.

Connecticut – Known as “The Constitution State”, Connecticuters relish in the treat of their ‘White Klan Pizzas’. Being the only state in the North that is as racist as the South, residents here enjoy cutting out the 13th Amendment from copies of The Constitution and packing the paper into pizza crusts. The pizza is then smothered with a creamy Alfredo and horse semen sauce and topped with pickled clams. Who wants a Prejudiced Pizza Party!?

White Klan Pizza from Connecticut
A telltale sign that a White Klan Pizza has been properly prepared is the burnt, 13th Amendment crust.

Alaska – You’ll never think of Rudolph and his red nose the same way again. Alaska boasts their exotic Reindeer Dogs. Made from the penis of a male reindeer – commonly called ‘bulls’ – these phallic treats were made popular by former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin. The meal became a sensation and trend among conservatives after Palin won a Reindeer Dog eating contest at the State Fair – leading to Alaskan reindeer being placed on the endangered species list.

Sarah Palin Reindeer Dog Alaska State Fair
Sarah Palin grabbing her record-setting 29th Reindeer Dog at The Alaska State Fair in Palmer, AK.

Wyoming – The ‘Coyote Burger’ is said to be a staple here, but no one has ever seen or tried one because Wyoming is a fictitious state created by the US government in 1890.

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