The ‘Too Soon’ Gun Campaign Asks Domestic Terrorists to “Tone it Down”

The ‘Too Soon’ Campaign, which vehemently tells Americans to not speak out politically after mass shootings, has now put out a plea to domestic terrorists – asking them to be ‘sensitive’ and to ‘not go out and kill so many people right after other massacres.

Breaking their pledge to “never deal with gun control” the official ‘Too Soon’ Campaign statement read:

Dear Potential American Terrorists:

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who wants to purchase more military-grade weapons. We have so many thoughts and prayers to go around, but just wait a bit on the *next one* – Okay?

They continued:

The ‘Too Soon’ campaign has tried to help you by demanding that Americans be quiet. We literally told people to shut the fuck up after each mass shooting: In Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando, San Bernardino, Colorado Springs, Roseburg, Chattanooga, Charleston, Marysville, Isla Vista, Newtown, Sandy Hook, and many, many, many, many more… Is it really too much to ask for 5… MAAAYBE 7 days off? You might not know this, but telling people to be respectful is quite taxing on us.

Basically, can you give us more time, in between the…… well you know….. so that we aren’t ALL dealing with another shooting that forces us to tell people to be respectful? It really bothers us because we don’t have the time to think or act meaningfully. Couldn’t you use bombs instead? Or perhaps airplanes? Or are those harder to get? Let us know what you need.

Either way, can’t we all just pause in order to not take any action whatsoever?

Passively in Solidarity Yours,

The ‘Too Soon’ Campaign

Thank you for reading my latest informative news article. Around 70% of terrorism in the US is carried out by white males, not Muslims. Check out more stories below – or like my Facebook Page to get the latest.

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