Man Who Says US Is Greatest Country On Earth Can’t Step Out Front Door Without Being Armed For Combat

(Milwaukee, WI) Local man James Fielder, who firmly believes that the United States is the best country on the planet, refuses to ever leave his house without bringing at least two guns with him.

“I carry these weapons in public because you have to be prepared to be the good guy with a gun,” Fielder smiled. “Having said that, of course it’s very safe in America and I have no problem shooting anyone who disagrees.”

Notably, the 2024 GOP convention in Fielder’s hometown of Milwaukee clearly states that open carry will not be allowed at the event.

“Individuals determined to be carrying firearms will not be let past a predetermined outer perimeter checkpoint,” rules on the convention’s official website read.

Fielder says he doesn’t understand why the rule is in place and that he is thinking shooting his way into the event so he’s able to be a good guy with a gun once inside.

As of press time, Fielder was completely unaware of the fact that he is more likely to kill himself or a family member than to ever be a hero while cosplaying with his guns in public.

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