Samsung Threatens To Sue Elon Musk Over Tesla Phone: ‘We Hold The Patent For Phones That Explode’

Samsung threatened to file a lawsuit against Elon Musk today after the billionaire had an exchange with a video podcaster on Twitter about the possibility of Musk making a new smartphone.

Samsung released a brief press release about the issue, part of which read:

“Bottom line, Samsung holds the patent for phones that explode. In fact we’ve held it for over six years,” the statement read. “We’ve seen what Elon has done with Tesla so far. Mr. Musk needs to stay in his lane and stick to designing and selling exploding cars.”

Musk told reporters that he’ll have no choice but to release the Tesla phone if Apple and Google remove Twitter from their app stores.

“I’m not too concerned about Samsung’s lawsuit because I know the Tesla phone won’t explode,” Musk stated. “Its faulty design causes the device to burst into flames – but not explode. According to my lawyers that’s totally different.”

Photo credit Steve Jurvetson

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