Introducing Samsung Soft: The Smart TV that you can Punch

Samsung has announced a revolutionary type of smart TV called ‘Samsung Soft’ that will allow users to physically hit their televisions without breaking them. The new line of technologically advanced TVs are set to hit stores by late April.

Samsung’s CEO, Yoon Boo Keun, explained the company’s rationale.

“Over the past year, there has been a sharp increase in the number of broken television sets in the United States,” Keun said. “With a record number Americans trying to replace these broken sets, we simply couldn’t keep up with production, so the demand to replenish destroyed TVs required a smart approach.”

“By manufacturing televisions that you can beat the living shit out of, and by only charging 4-times the price of our standard TV, we will continue to see a steady increase in profits while meeting this incredible demand for new units.”

Since the announcement, investors have shown a mixed response as it is still unclear whether or not president Donald Trump will be impeached and removed from office – which would make the Samsung Soft nearly obsolete.

However, Keun believes that the future of the Samsung Soft TV will be bright.

“If anything, there will be a brief lull in sales for a short period of time before a long string of progressive and liberal politicians sweep U.S. elections – resulting in booming sales in southern states,” stated Keun.

By this time, Keun said, Samsumg aims to have the technology for a malleable screen that will withstand gunshots from a close range to accommodate this demographic.

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