Michelle Obama to Push Spanish Characters into American-English Alphabet

First Lady Michelle Obama, who has been responsible for changing the Food Pyramid into a “Food Plate” – as well as encouraging healthy activities via the “Let’s Move!” program – has now been given the keys to ‘adjusting’ the English Alphabet in the U.S. Public School System in order to accommodate “everyone.”

“Due to the changing demographics in the United States – and the growing number of illegal immigrants allowed in with, understandably, no recourse,” The First Lady stated, “I have started an initiative that will systematically change the American-English alphabet to include everyone.”

Michelle Obama described the move Tuesday evening while dining at Oyamel Cocina Mexicana – one of the premiere Mexican dining establishments in D.C.

“The Spanish alphabet is not far-off from that of what most English speaking Americans are used to,” Michelle Obama said, “Plus, this can actually be looked at as a fun thing!” she laughed. “Just think, little ‘N’s’ with cute squiggles over them, two ‘L’s” that are inseparable at times for some reason… plus who didn’t like those ‘Rrruffles have Rrrridges’ TV ads back in the day!?”

Sean Hannity immediately voiced his opinion via tweet:

Michelle Obama to Push Spanish Characters into American-English Alphabet

Michelle Obama also mentioned that there is an Executive Order in the works that will require those who employ the approximate 15 million illegal immigrants to pay them minimum wage “so that they are almost able to live respectable lives.”

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