‘Tucker’ Carlson’s Name Originates From The Act Of Drag Queens Taping Their Weiners Between Their Legs

After spending months railing against the LGBTQ community and drag queens by calling them “groomers” and “pedophiles,” Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson admitted today that he is – in fact – named after the act of “tucking,” which is when someone tapes their penis and testicles between their legs; something frequently done by most drag queens.

Many of those who knew Carlson in college have reported that the Fox News host would often get naked and tuck his tiny penis and shriveled testicles between his legs before chasing other students around the campus.

“Tucker was a tucker and another word that rhymes with that,” one former classmate told reporters.

In light of the new information regarding Carlson, Donald Trump has started calling the anchor “Tucker Charlatan” on Truth Social.

Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

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