DeSantis Announces ‘Whites Organizing For KKKonservative Education’ – Or ‘W.O.K.E. Act’

Florida governor Ron DeSantis held a press conference today in which he announced a new bill called the ‘W.O.K.E Act’ – or Whites Organizing for KKKonservative Education. The governor said that he was taking a stand against critical race theory in schools. During his speech, DeSantis misquoted Martin Luther King Jr., stating:

“MLK wasn’t woke! In fact, he had a dream!” DeSantis grinned. “A dream that his four little colored children would one day live in a country where they would not be taught certain parts of history – a history that was heavily influenced by the color of their skin – but instead be taught through the lens of other people. Specifically white people.”

“The people who win the battles, or wars, or enslave others, those people should be writing the history books because they were in charge. Just like I’m in charge right now,” DeSantis added.

When asked about the spelling derived from W.O.K.E., DeSantis explained the decision.

“When we were naming the act and we got to the ‘K’ in woke I was stumped,” DeSantis stated. “I just kept saying ‘K,K,K’ over and over until it just felt right. So we kept the three K’s and decided to mash it up with the word conservative. It seemed like a pretty obvious choice for what we are trying to do here.”

As of press time DeSantis was pushing for his bill to pass despite the fact that not a single K-12 school in Florida is – or was – teaching Critical Race Theory.

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