American Psychologists Release Estimated IQ’s of Presidential Candidates

Prominent American psychologists have come together to assess the estimated IQ’s of several of the Presidential Candidates from this election cycle. The study, which involved over 1,000 top-rated psychologists, took the estimated IQ assessment from each psychologist and averaged them.

As a point of reference, 100 is considered to be the average Intelligence Quotient score. Take a look at what they found:


Hillary Clinton: 111.4

Bernie Sanders: 119.6

Martin O’Malley: 109.7

Lincoln Chafee: 91.7


Donald Trump: 89.7

Ted Cruz: 93.9

John Kasich: 101.3

Marco Rubio: 103.6

Ben Carson: 79.5

Jeb Bush: 100.4

Chris Christie: 100.7

Carly Fiorina: 107.3

Rick Santorum: 91.8

Rand Paul: 104.4

Mike Huckabee: 105.4

Scott Walker: 92.5

Rick Perry: 80.1

The psychologists included in their release that there is likely a direct correlation between voters’ intelligence and the IQ of who they support – adding that if Donald Trump were to win, it would be a direct reflection on our failed education system which needs a dramatic overhaul and should include free college education at public colleges and universities.

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American Psychologists Release Estimated IQ's of Presidential Candidates


11 thoughts on “American Psychologists Release Estimated IQ’s of Presidential Candidates

  1. Hahaha, this has to be the most proposterous article I’ve read on potential IQ’s. This is a perfect example of media outlets ‘TRYING’ to steer the American people to believe one Party is full of a bunch or morons whereas the “other party” is truly fit to lead, hahaha. Like we’ll fall for that. Well, I guess some do.

    Take a look at what the past has brought this country. Something has to change and that change needs to happen now, there is no time to waste in bringing this country back to greatness. We’re a laughing stock of the world! I can tell you that the change will not come from an individual who has lied to our Governments face and to all the American people (don’t forget the husband who also lied to the American people)!

    Is either one the right choice? I don’t know. But, I do believe in what Donald Trump is proposing to work on with OUR country.
    As a woman, do I care about what the media says about him and how they “believe” he is a womanizer and his lack of respect for women? Nope, I sure as hell don’t. Why? Well, lets see… A. He’s a man, I’m married to one and I know how they “talk”. B. The entire stories were never fully given, just the clips where the “bad words, negative words” were used. C. He’s done far less “bad things” than the presidents before. D. It has nothing and I mean nothing to do with how he could run this country. E. He’s been in the public eye for decades, has never been in politics, so, let’s see, I’m certain there’s a lot of footage out there of Trump having a good ole time! Guess what? He’s a freaking American! That’s our constitutional right! How can you hold that against a potential president? Uh, because the media works so hard to brainwash everyone in thinking that because someone is running for president, their entire life must be clean! What a joke! WAKE UP America! No one has a perfect life with a perfect past! F. Because I don’t believe that has anything to do with him doing what this country needs.
    Do I believe that we need to focus on America and our own people? Hell yes I do. Do I give one fig as to IQ!? No, I do not. There is so much placed on what ones IQ is and that is absolutely ridiculous! So, for you to post this FICTICIOUS information on IQ’s of the 2016 presidential candidates only makes you appear the moron here.

  2. The psychologists need to rethink their study; an IQ of 100 is below average for people actually functioning in our society.

      1. “People actually fonctionning”, you’re writing an article and unable to read ? That’s quite impressive actually.

    1. 100 is the average mean for white people across Europe and America. The USA’s mean IQ has dropped from 100 to 98 over the past several decades. The European mean has stayed constant. According to studies, the average US IQ was higher around the turn of the last century. IQ measures cognitive ability. Not precisely what you have learned, but rather how quickly you learn it and how well you are able to apply what you have learned. The average Asian IQ is 5 points higher than the white; the Hispanics and Middle Easterners score 1 standard deviation below the white mean of 100; the Africans in Africa, 2 standard deviations below the white mean.

      The IQ scores listed above are pure horsepoopy. George Bush Jr. Bush II) released his records, his IQ is stated to be 124, 1 standard deviation and a little more above the American mean. Reagan is listed at 130, 2 standard deviations above the white mean. Thomas Jefferson is estimated to have had an IQ not less than 160. John Adams is believed to have had an approximate 140 IQ, Franklin comes in between the two. Lest you think that IQ doesn’t matter, realize that these three men sprearheaded the move for Independence and the creation of the United States of America.

      Stanford–Binet Fifth Edition (SB5) classification[33][38] IQ Range (“deviation IQ”) IQ Classification
      145–160 Very gifted or highly advanced
      130–144 Gifted or very advanced
      120–129 Superior
      110–119 High average
      90–109 Average
      80–89 Low average
      70–79 Borderline impaired or delayed
      55–69 Mildly impaired or delayed
      40–54 Moderately impaired or delayed

      The last I knew, a 130 IQ was required to apply to Mensa.

      I hope this clears up the confusion. See the source information below for additional information.

      Note: IQ test administrators, usually psychologists, have, over decades, very carefully screened testing for any kind of racial bias; test scores, nevertheless, remain consistent.

      And never take any of this kind of crap writing seriously when no sources for the information are cited and only vague references given: “Prominent American psychologists….”

      Source for table:

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