TX Republican To Ban 850 Books That ‘Could Make Students Feel Uneasy’

Representative Matt Krause (R-TX) has compiled a list of 850 books that he wants to ban in schools. Krause says the books in question “might make students feel discomfort, guilt, anguish, or any other form of psychological distress because of their race or sex.”

Topics found in the books center around sexuality, racism, and US history. The move comes despite the fact that conservatives claim that they don’t want safe spaces for kids and that children are too sensitive today.

Some say that the Bible should be added to the list as it causes a lot of discomfort, guilt and psychological distress for young and old alike. Krause has attempted to counter this argument by pointing out that “children as young as toddlers participate in active shooter drills every month, so they can handle reading God’s book which contains nothing but the truth.”

Notably, some Texas Republicans want to go one step further by simply refusing to teach kids how to read, with Krause himself stating that it would be a “total checkmate on the libs.”

There’s still no word yet if the state plans to use the banned books for a burning in order to keep warm the next time the Texas power grid goes down.

Meanwhile liberals in Alabama and Kentucky say they are glad that Republican lawmakers in their states have no idea what books are.

As of press time, Krause was adding geometry books to his list because in the past they had made him feel obtuse.

Photo credit Kennedy Library

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