Massive Fraud Incapable Of Correctly Identifying Massive Fraud

(Palm Beach, FL) An area man, who perfectly fits the definition of a con artist, has been embarrassing himself by repeatedly and incorrectly telling everyone he’s uncovered proof of massive fraud in the 2020 election.

“For his entire career this man’s business model has hinged on him being a devious crook, but when it comes to correctly accusing others of scamming he’s at a total loss. Not once has he been right.” a neighbor told reporters.

Stanford researcher and psychologist Dr. Lewis Vanderfeldt says that people like this – who frequently commit fraud – use psychological strategies to distance themselves from reality in order to avoid the feeling of guilt.

“This conspiracy theorist and fraudster has been out of touch for such a long time that he has become a guiltless, detached psychopath,” Vanderfeldt stated. “And just like any psychopath, he’ll say or do anything under the sun to get what he wants; which is to to overturn the 2020 election, violate the Constitution, and become the country’s permanent, authoritarian leader.”

By press time the man had logged on to Truth Social and proven Vanderfeldt to be correct by publishing this post:

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