Inside Source: Hunter Biden’s Defective Laptop Keeps Playing ‘Someone Like You’ – Most Likely Because It’s A Dell

An anonymous informant from inside the FBI leaked to reporters today that authorities are still trying to learn what’s on Hunter Biden’s laptop. Apparently, the device is driving agents crazy because it plays the same song when powered on and then keeps freezing and restarting once the song ends.

“At first the FBI agents were baffled as to why this was happening,” the source stated. “But then it became apparent that the computer kept glitching and playing the hit song ‘Someone Like You’ because it was a Dell.”

Additionally, the informant said that Hunter Biden – at some point – completely lost ctrl, as the button is clearly missing from the infamous device.

What’s more, the amount of information stored on the laptop is staggering.

“It appears that the FBI will never get to see everything that’s on the laptop,” the informant said. “Unfortunately they aren’t able to analyze what could be a lot of critical data due to the repeated restarting. It’s truly unfortunate because it’s obvious that Hunter worked on the device quite a lot as it has two shifts.”

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