Now-Dead Horse ‘Medina Spirit’ Found Guilty Of Doping & Stripped Of Kentucky Derby Win

The Kentucky Derby winning horse Medina Spirit, who passed away in December, has had his title stripped as the 2021 winner after illegal substances were found in the his bloodstream. In addition to this, trainer Bob Baffert has been suspended for just 90-days and fined a mere $7,500.

The Kentucky Horse Racing Commission says that since Medina Spirit has been disqualified, the official winner is now the former second-place horse, Mandaloun. Here’s what people are saying:

“I just wish that horse were still alive to face the consequences of its actions.” – Brenda Jenkins, 52, senior living community pole dancing instructor
“Medina Spirit was 3-years-old, meaning he knew exactly what he was putting in his body. A willing participant to say the least!” – Father Glenn Thompson
“Talk about beating a dead horse!” – Mandaloun, New 2021 Kentucky Derby First Place Winner

Photo credit Don Sniegowski

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