San Francisco Bill Treats All Students As Gay Unless They ‘Come Out’ As Straight

A new bill focused on student gender and sexuality has been introduced in San Francisco, stirring up controversy in the Bay Area and around the country. If passed, the law would require teachers to assume that all students are part of the LGBTQ+ community – and treat them as such – unless they come out as heterosexual.

“Should a student be ‘outed’ by other students as being straight, teachers will be required to tell that kid’s parents – even if the child isn’t ready – and regardless of how parents may react to the news,” San Francisco Mayor London Breed stated. “Students that come out as hetero will be put into a program that thoroughly reviews all possible sexual orientations and genders to double-check that the child is not, in fact, simply confused.”

Breed continued.

“We all know you aren’t born straight. Sexuality is on a continuum. But if kids decide to identify as heterosexual, then that’s a personal decision that they’ve made; however disgusting it may be,” Breed stated. “So, in conclusion, we’re simply going to assume that every single student is gay until they tell us otherwise. Then we’re going to out them to their whole family. If their parents reject them, they reject them.”

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