Hero dog owner shoots fireworks down before they can explode

Florida Woman Arrested For Shooting Fireworks Out Of The Sky ‘So They Don’t Explode & Scare Dogs’

BROOKSVILLE, FLORIDA – Dog owner, and mother of two, Sharon Braun took matters into her own hands this Fourth of July when she attempted to shoot fireworks out of the sky with a rifle “before they could explode.” Braun says it was an effort to prevent the loud booms from scaring her dogs.

By the time the Brooksville police arrived at her home, Braun had already spent 30 minutes firing off loud, repetitive shots.

“They’re arresting me! They’re arresting me for being the good Samaritan!” Braun shouted while being pushed into a police cruiser.

“Despite firing off over 200 rounds she didn’t manage to shoot any fireworks down,” police chief Drew Carson stated. “Well, either that or fireworks still explode like normal when you shoot them. Either way this lady is a complete fucking moron.”

As of press time Braun’s dogs had run away and her children had been taken by social services.

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