Pissed: Toby Keith Tricked Into Releasing Patriotic Song Dripping With Urination References

Toby Keith Releases Patriotic Song Dripping With Urination References

Toby Keith just released his first single ‘Happy Birthday America’ from his new album Now That’s What I Call Whining: Volume 1 just in time for the Fourth of July. Unfortunately for Keith, he didn’t realize that the song was dripping with both patriotism and pee; with some of the lyrics reading:

Happy Birthday America
It’s the 4th of July
I get to wake up soaked in your freedom
And I know exactly why…

Smells like everybody’s pissin’
on the red, white, and blue
Happy Birthday America
Now cover me in what’s left inside you

Keith, who didn’t write the song himself, admits that he should have noticed what was going on sooner.

“When we recorded the part that goes ‘We’ll shoot our pee in your ass, it’s the American way’ there should have been some alarms going off in my head, but nope. Nothin’. I just thought it was a great callback to my 9/11 song.”

Hours after being released, ‘Happy Birthday America’ was already a huge hit among country-music-loving conservatives.

“Either they don’t notice, or they don’t care,” Keith said of his fans. “Regardless, I’m making a hot, steady stream of money right now.”

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