Wheel Of Fortune Adds ‘Death Slot’ After Seeing Success Of Squid Game

The long-running, popular American TV game show Wheel of Fortune has updated its iconic wheel by replacing the ‘Bankruptcy’ slot with ‘DEATH.’

Due to the changes, players will now have a 1 in 24 chance of being executed by host Pat Sajak or Vanna White – as both will be outfitted with guns to take out any unlucky players.

“It’s not something that I’m too crazy about, but the show really had to do something to stay relevant in these modern times,” Sajak stated. “Let’s face it, Hollywood is a cutthroat place if you want to make it. So if I gotta kill a bitch, I’ll kill a bitch.”

Players will be killed execution style – unless they try to run – in which case audience members are encouraged to help catch the contestant.

As a consolation to families, players killed during the game will still have their accumulated winnings transferred to a relative of their choice.

As of press time, Wheel of Fortune was the only American game show with an X-rating for excessive violence.

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